“ Pulmed” Co. is established in 1956 as a state company with main activity service of medical technics. Due to the professional experience gained through the years, the company won leading positions on the market in the sphere of service, mounting and maintånance of medical appliances. In 1998 the company became a private property and continued existing as an independent private company, keeping the traditions of its long-years practice.

Along the main shape of its profile (service of medical technics), “Pulmed” Co. developed and expanded its activities by offering delivery and fitting of medical equipment, medical consumables and accessories, projection and construction of medical buildings, as well technical consultations and trading assistance. With a certificate ¹ 57/ 09.07.2003 of the Health Care Ministry is established a Labour medicine department, connected to the company. “Pulmed” Co. established also an own modern Medical centre.


In the company work over 20 experts, service engineers and technicians, occupied regarding to their speciality in the following sections:

•  X-ray technics

•  Registration technics (ECG and EEG technics)

•  Laboratory equipment and technics

•  Technics for the physiotherapy

•  Dental technics

•  Surgical technics and technics for the anesthesiology

•  Marketing sector

•  Management and administration sector

The qualification of the professional company team allows the experts to serve the hospital and clinics in South Bulgaria on the contraction principle and in rest part of the country - on the order principle .

The company has its own material base, modern equipped technical laboratories, specialized storehouses, exhibition halls, stores for medical consumables, instruments and technics, service cars, conferention halls, as well offices in Plovdiv, Haskovo, Kardzhali and Pazardzhik.


“ Pulmed” Co. guarantees a high quality, competitive prices, loyalty, correctness and professional attitude to its clients and partners.